Today Dina became 3rd winner in fieldtray A Winner Class at Valdemar Slot in DRK Game

Fenja (Windwood's Flower of the West) has gained the Austrian RBP 3 with 98 out of 100 points - congratulations from here

Nala, 2½ year old (Windwood's Heart of Olden Glory after Dina & Clyde) and Tine participated in the finale of "Obedience dog of the year 2010" and became 3rd winner - congratulations girls - well done


Today Dina became 3rd winner in fieldtray A Winner Class at Agerup for Goldens Retrievers

Summer (Windwood's Pride of the Summer) has gained the German BLP - congratulations

Hilde and Diba (Windwood's May Morning) from Norway have participated in WT and ended up as WT 2
 well done - congratulations from here

Nala (Windwood's Heart of Olden Glory) and Tine have participated in DKK LP2 (obedience) competition this weekend and became 1st winner of LP2 with 212 points so now they are ready for the competion " Danish LP dog of the Year 2010)  - congratulations to Tine and Nala -  see the video from the competition here

Lomond and Grille  Cricket Gun Dogs, Germany got a fine litter of nine puppies
Congratulations to Jutta and Claus - well done Grille

7 weeks 7 weeks 7 weeks
6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks
5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks
4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks
4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks
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1-uge-4 1-uge-5 1-uge-6
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Mandy has got her hipscore - HD: A/A and ED: 0/0 - super!

DRK Working Test Varde
Mandy_WT1 Mandy did so well today she became WT1 novice class with 98 points (max 100)

Lomond became 20 (max 20), 19, 20, 20 and 0 point and because of the 0 he did not pass the test

Dina had a bad day too and did not pass.

Lomond has become father of a super litter at kennel Foglmann. Congratulations and well done Gaia

Gaia-6-uger-1 Gaia-6-uger-2 Gaia-6-uger-3
Gaia-4-uger-1 Gaia-4-uger-3 Gaia-4-uger-5
3-uger-9 3-uger-14 3-uger-5
picture.aspx 1_uge_3 1_uge_5 1_uge_7

Planned litters (under puppies) updated. Look here.

Regions Day DRK south, Working test
Dina became 2. winner with 86 points (100)
Lomond (83 points) and Mandy (84 points) both novice class

Golden breed stage in Ringsted
Little Mandy did very well: she got 1st pr. field trial B novice class and passed the qualification test.
Lomond got 2. pr.

Tirsbæk Green Game - Working Test winner class
Dina participated in team as well as individual  and passed the test (as the only golden) with 82 points (max 100)

Field trial B, Varde kaserne:
Mandy participated on her very first field trial B today and did very very well - she got 1st price.
Lomond hesitated picking up the rabits and the ducks in the search and therefore he got 2nd price..
Rossi (Windwood's Once in a Lifetime) also participated for the first time and did exactely the same as his brother Lomond so he too got a 2nd price. The boys did everything else perfect! Keep up the good work Morten 

Nala and Tine participated in DKKs International LP 2 in Vejen and did very well
Saturday they became 1st winner with  209 points (220 max).
Sunday they became 4th winner. (A misunderstanding between the two resulted in 0 points in jumping so the 1st place where gone). Congratulations Nala and Tine - we are so proud of you 


12/08-10 Some new shots of Lomonds kids in Sweden
tik    orngasp   storbrak
Lomonds babies in Sweden are now 4 weeks old and so cute
Untitled-1  4uger  Lomond puppy 4 weeks old

Nala (Windwood's Heart of olden glory) has qualified to participate in DM for Rally and LP2 - we wish you luck

Lomond has become father of 4 (5) puppies at kennel Vassruggen in Sweden
runa_hvalpe_nyfoedte  lomond-runa-hvalp1  lomond-runa-hvalp2
Here Runa and her newborn "tiny" babies - 530-550 grams each  -  congratulations from here

Fenja (windwood's Flower of the West) participated in the Austrian "Wesenstest" which is like our Menthality description and in Austria there is also included a show in the test. Brigitte and Fenja did very well and got the result "sehr gut". Congratulations from here.


see video of Fenja here

Nala and Tine have participated in Rally 2 and Tine wrote us this:
Friday we warmed up with Rally 2 and became 1st winner. As it is the third time Nala won this class she is now  "Rally champion" (RØM). Saturday in LP 2 she became district champion with 203 points (max. 220).
Sunday she became 2nd winner with 206 points, and presumably a DM-qualification.

See also video of Nala and Tine here   -  Congratulations girls - we are so proud of you! 

Golden triple arrangement Sjælland:
Working test: Lomond got max points on each post and became WT1
Lomond past the "Danish Hunters Union's" retrieving test
Show: Lomond got 1st price, 6th winner of both bitches and dogs
Mandy managed to pass the Working test although she only ist 10 month old.
Show Judge Kaj Klysner wrote about Lomond:
2 years old sire of good type - wellshaped head - well placed ears - fine dark eyes - teath OK - super top level - strong, straight back - well placed shoulder - well angulated hind - fine movement - fine coat!
A super day!!!

Here are some portraits of Lomonds super litter with Sungold Job A Holic - 6½ weeks old
there are still puppies available, contact kennel Sungold

IMG_2425_a IMG_2430 IMG_2436 IMG_2445
IMG_2454 IMG_2469 IMG_2491 IMG_2460

May 2010
Rossi (Windwood's Once In a Life Time) participated on field trial C and show in Ulfborg.
Rossi got 1. price in field trial C beginner class and 1. price + Very good at the show.
Congratulations from here

DKKs International obedience rally in Albertslund
Nala and Tine participated both saturday and sunday in LP2, they won the class both days and could go home with 2 trophies and lots of nice comments from the judges - congratulations from here

Field Trial B, Kulsø
Lomond got 1st price

The Runrig-litter after Dina and Clyde: congratulations with your 2 years birthday.
Thank you so much for your good work until now - we are so proud of you!! 

Dual-day Bække
Lomond and Mandy (9 month) have participated in field trial C beginner class.
Both got a super 2nd price

Show Austria, Clubsiegerschau des ÖRC: Windwood's Flower of the West (Fenja): very good
Judge: Sue Barnes, GB:
Sweet head with very dark pigment, ears well set, good neck, good front angulation, level top line, stifle ok, good feet, in very hard condition, moves very well, just starting loosing her coat......
congratulations to Fenja and Brigitte

These days a lovely bitch from Sweden: Vassruggens Runa Mångvis is visiting Lomond.
Hopefully there will be lots of Lomond babies at kennel Vassruggen in Stockholm late June

Nala and Tine participated in international obedience rally  in Hillerød LP2
Saturday they became 4. winner with 200,5 points (max 220)
Sunday they became 5. winner with 206,5 points -congratulations from here

Mandy gained the brugsprøve/obedience test  with 40 points out of 40 possible points
Field trial B  in region South, Lomond became 2nd price in novice class

Field trial B at Kulsø, Lomond became 1st price in novice class
Nala and Tina has participated in "Rally" and became 2nd. winner
Diba and Thilde in Norway has participated in the regional hunting championchip and became 2nd. winner

Dina has been mated - see more under planned litters (puppies)

Field trial B at Bogense: Lomond became 1st price in novice class -see more under Lomonds site

Lomond has become father of a lovely litter at kennel Sungold - well done Kenya

see more photos here


5 weeks old

Today Summer (Windwood's Pride of the Summer) passed the german "Jugendprüfung" with 258 points out of 260 possible points. Congratulations to Viktoria and Summer from here.

Nala (Windwood's Heart of Olden Glory) and Tine has been in Sweden for  obedience competition - see more here

Lomond has passed to the DKK mentality description - see more here

Stihl (Dina&Clyde) visited us and by that occasion we got him examinated:
Stihl (Windwood's Always the Winner)  HD: A/B=B & ED: 0 - super

So now all the puppies after Dina & Clyde 2008 have got their results:
Windwood's Flower of the West (Fenja, Austria) HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes: free
Windwood's Once in a Lifetime (Rossi, DK)  HD: A, ED: 0
Windwood's May Morning (Diba, Norway)  HD: A, ED: 0
Windwood's Loch Lomond (our own)  HD: B, ED: 0, Eyes: free
Windwood's Pride of the Summer (Summer, Germany)  HD: C, ED: 0, Eyes: free
Windwood's Hearts of Olden Glory (Nala, DK) HD: B, ED:
Windwood's Always The Winner (Stihl, DK) HD: B, ED: 0

Lomond has had his first date and hopefully Sungold's Job A Holic "Kenya" will get a great litter in the middle of April.

Here a little training video of Nala (after Dina & Clyde) and Tine training obedience - a super team

On "Golden Retriever in Denmarks top 10 list 2009" over field trial dogs Dina became no. 2 in open class
and no. 4 in winner class

Jeffrey, Dina and Lomond have been to the yearly eye examination and all of them are free.

Any questions? Give us a call +45 20 83 45 23