We have received news from one of Lomonds kids in Germany: Cricket's cool Max. He has done so well during his first year: gained the german obediencetest with 76 out of 80 points + the german "Brauchbarkeitsprüfung" with 90 out of 100 points and the Novice Hunting test with 227 points. Congratulations to Max and Manfred with the fine results - and congratulations to Max (and the other C's from Cricket's) with their 1st birthday on October 15.

Dina and Lomond participated at Region Syd A/C trial in Bække. Dina got 1st price and Lomond got 3rd price.

Lomonds son, Sungold Habari Zako who lives in Norway is now qualified for the winner class / elite class before he is 1½ year old, well done Steen and "Basse"!

"Fenja" Windwood's Flower of the West (Dina & Clyde), who lives in Austria has been tested prcd-PRA and is free!

On the Working Test in Christiansfeld at Aller Mølle in Region Syd, Mandy pass with 65 point. Lomond got a "0" and was out of the game. Dina also got a "0" on the last post, a bad post where the soil was  deep mudwhere the dummies simply dissappered and was so filled with mud that many of the dogs refuced to pick up.

"Rossi" Windwood's Once in a  Lifetime (Dina & Clyde) participated for the first time in WT open class, pass and did very well  Congratulations to Morten & Erika

Mandy participated on her first Open A trial.  10 dogs participated in this hard trial - with too few birds (4 per dog).All in all there was given only 2 3rd prices and Mandy got one of them. The 8 other dogs didn't pass.

WT in Skive. It was a really difficult trial and I decided to take Mandy out of the competition. 20 dogs participeted in open class and only 5 passed.

Mandy participated at the Golden  autumn field trial B in Suserup and became a 2nd price. Lomond participated too but had a really bad day and got 0.

Nordic WT Championship  for teams. Dina participated and ended up as no. 11 with 75 points. All in all Denmark team 3 (incl. Dina) ended on 4th place.Only 7 points from a 2nd place. 33 dogs from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland participated - we had a wet but lovely  "doggy" weekend.

DSC_7254 man er søgt lidt i læ for regnen der stod ned
DSC_7255 Dina taking a nap
sjap sjap og atter sjap et godt makkerpar
Der gøres klar til walk-up DSC_7294
DSC_7278 DSC_7295
DSC_7299 DSC_7308

Field trial Suserup Sydsjælland
Mandy got a fine 1st price open class and Lomond 3rd price open class

Field trial B, Vigsø
Mandy got a fine 1st price open class

The first offspring after Lomond , have now got their hipscore:

Sungold Habari Zako   HD: A AD: 0/0
Sungold Hasina HD: A AD: 0/0
Sungold Hasani  HD: B AD: 0/0
Sungold Hakuna Matata HD: B AD: 0/0
Sungold Huyu Ni Bwana HD: A AD: 0/0
Vassruggens Örn  Runmäster HD: A AD: 0/0
Vassruggens Ôdha Runristare HD:A AD: 0/0

Golden Retriever Triple in Haunstrup. We brought along our old boy Jeffrey in oldies class on both WT and show and he did soooo good: WT for oldies 3. winner - show: 1. pr., EXL, BOS 1
Judge Kaj Falk wrote:
Nearly 11 years old male with masculin head, good expression, correct bite for his age, good pigment, well shaped eyes, well placed ears, shoulders and over arm a little short , wellangulated, good top level, well sprung ribs, well placed and well carried tail, good coat, very nice movements and good temper.
Dina participated (after her long puppy-break) in WT winner class and became WT 4.   


DRK's Dual-day in Bække: Lomond got 1st price in open class field trial C

Field trial B, Brande: Lomond and Mandy participated for the first time in open class
Mandy  got 1st price  and Lomond  3rd price
Lomonds brother Rossi (after Dina and Clyde) got 1st price in beginner class - congrats
Lomonds son: Sungold Habari Zako (12 month old.) also got 1st price beginner class
within a week Habari gained 3 1st prices in beginner class - well done

Today Dina got a fine litter - see more under puppies 2011

Mandy became WT3 open class, officiel Working Test i Hagested-Gislinge

Working test  in  Sopron, Hungary
Judges Roger Tozer and Ron Gent (GB)
Fenja (Windwood's Flower of the West after Dina & Clyde 2008) 2.winner novice class L with 77 out of 80 points and  becomes  "Judges' Choice".
Congratulations to Brigitte and Fenja - we are so proud of you

Dina has been scanned today and she is having a litter on the 5th April

WT (officiel) Kulsø
Mandy participated for the first time in open class and did very well - she became WT3
Dina participated in winner class and became no. 6
Lomond participated - also for the first time in open class - and had a very cosy day.
Mandy Dina-1 Lomond-1
fotos: hundefotografen.dk

Golden Retriever in Denmark field trial top10 list 2010:   Lomond became no. 1 in novice class
Golden Retriever in Denmark WT top 10 list 2010:   Mandy became no. 2 in novice class

Dina, Lomond, Mandy and Jeffrey  has been to the yearly eye examination - all got FREE

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