15/09-2013 At the golden breed  WorkingTest in Ringsted
Dina became 2nd winner winner class and Lomond 3rd winner open class

01/09-2013  At the field trial on Vindfjell in Elite-class Dina got a super 1st price.
Nordic championship for goldens 2013 in Norway. Dinas Team became no. 11, Dina became individual the 3rd best danish dog with 82 points and among all participants from the 4 countries no. 7

25/08-2013 Golden field trial B in Femsølyng 
Lomond got 1. price open class and became best dog in open class.
Dina  became 2. winner winner class

18/08-2013 Utoft Plantage, Region South Lomond got 3. pr. open class field trial B

10/08-2013 Fussingø: Lomond got 1. price open class field trial B

10/08-2013 Fussingø: Lomond got 1. price open class field trial B

Lomond got a good 2nd price at field trial B open class in Vigsø
Lomond passed the WT open class
Dina did a good job in winner class - but missed one post.


Golden WT in Suserup with Molina, Dina and Lomond.
Molina participated in UWT puppy class and became 1st winner with max points.
Lomond missed one post and didnt pass, but he won DM for teams open class together with Vesterlyng's Token Of Clyde and Shootdog Golden Indy.
Dina participated in winner class and got 103 out of 120 points and became 2. winner in team DM together with NOJCH Doubleuse Grousemountain and Sungold Joe & The Juice.

Lomond and Dina participated in the golden WT in Stensbæk (in a snow storm) none of them made it. 

Lomond participated in DRK's Certifikat show in Hedensted. He ended up with EXCL and 3rd winner working class. Fine debute in the show ring.  read more here.

Golden WT in Kulsø Dina made the winner class

At the first field trial this year it was a good day for the goldens. Dine became 2nd winner winner class - cogratulations to Claus and Kurt.
Placerede i Vinder Klassen Marbæk 2013


Lomonds sweethart Cricket's Bashira in Germany got a litter of 9 fine puppies (5 bitches & 4 boys)  -  take a look here

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Happy newyear to everyone.

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