18 - 20/07-2014
Birger and dina participated in Nordic Championship 2014 in Sweden (in Ånnaboda). Unfortunately Dina became a little sick (cystitis), which had influence on her work the whole weekend. The team "Denmark 2" was  Lars Mertz with Ida and Palle Ingemann with Frida and of course Dina. The team ended up as no. 9 out of 16 teams. Dina ended up as the 4th best danish dog and no. 16 overall.

The day after we participated in the Club Championship and Dina got a fine 2nd price. Molina participated for the first time ever on a field trial - she got no price. She did not like to pick uo crows, but she had a nice and funny day.

A the golden stage WT in Stenlille Dina became 4th winner in winner class with 111 points. Lomond participated in open class and became WT2 with 112 points. Molina debutated in novice class and passed the test with 80 points.
At the team championship Dinas team got GOLD in winnerclass and Lomonds team also got GOLD in open class. So both were represented on the winning teams for goldens 2014.


Gold winners 2014

 son Lomond and, mum Dina proud gold winners 2014


Lomond WT2  and Asti WT5 open class


On dual-day in Bække Dina participated in the show (veteran class)and became EX1, BIK2, BOB + BIS



Golden Triplel in Bække, Dina became best dog in working class at the show and became WT2 winnerclass.  Little Leslie participated in UWT for puppies and became WT2.

At the golden spring field trial Dina became 4th winner.

Dina participated in DRK WT at Ørumgård, but didnt make it.

Golden WT in Frederikssund Dina became WT5 in winner class with 91 points.

DRK South C field trial in Felsted Dina became 4th winner.

Golden WT in Kulsø Dina became WT1 in winner class with 98 points.

Lomond has been to the yearly eye-examination and got FREE

Happy new year every one

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