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11 and 12/06-2016
At the breed stage unofficiel Danish Championship and off. WT Leslie participated in open class and ended up as WT7 with 109 points out of 120 points. She came to the semi finale but did'nt make it. Lomond participated also in open class and passed with 97 points.
On the 12th the unoff. DM for teams took place. Leslie passed with 80 points. Lomond ended up as WT3 with 103 points. Leslies team ended up as no. 6 and Lomonds team as no. 5.
Molina passed RJK retrieving test. Click here
Goldens Tripple day in Bække where Leslie participated in open cl. and becam UWT4. Molina became WT1 in winner class. The Danish Hunting association held a trial and Leslie passed with 29 out of 30 points. Molina got 30 out of 30 points.
Both Molina and Leslie participated in Golden Spring field trial in Kulsø. Leslie in open class, but she didnt make it. Molina was in the winner class for the first time but she unfortunately missed a fowl and was out of the competition.
Golden WT in Herlufmagleboth Molina and Leslie participated, but didnt pass.
Molina participated in golden Wookingtest in Kulsø, where she debutated in winner class and she did so well and ended up as WT8 with 83 out of 100 points..
Leslie has today got a fine litter of 8 fine puppies : 5 male and 3 bitches. See more under  "Our Dogs" - "Litltle Mhor's Leslie" - "Leslie Puppies 2016= or  click here
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