All of Dina's puppies have left now....except Lomond who stays with us.
We wish you all 2- and 4-leged a happy doggy life together and lots of fun.
  Windwood's Loch Lomond

050808-dina-hvalpe-ethan_001 050808-dina-hvalpe-victoria_009
Stihl (Windwood's Always The Winner) lives with Ethan in Copenhagen Summer (Windwood's Pride Of The Summer) has left with Victoria in Germany
afsked-brigitte-fenja 150708-Dina-hvalpe-billeder_360
Fenja (Windwood's Flower Of The  West)
now lives with Brigitte in Austria
Rossi ( Windwood's Once In A Lifetime) lives
in Skjern with Erika and Morten
250708-Dina-hvalpe-billeder_002 250708-Dina-hvalpe-billeder_005
Nala (Windwood's Heart Of Olden Glory) stays
in Rønne with Tine
Diba (Windwood's May Morning) now living in Norway with Hilde and Jon

8 weeks old and very lively - at the most

photos: Brigitte Kaltenböck
150708-Dina-hvalpe-billeder_258 150708-Dina-hvalpe-billeder_406
150708-Dina-hvalpe-billeder_222 150708-Dina-hvalpe-billeder_250
150708-Dina-hvalpe-billeder_165 150708-Dina-hvalpe-billeder-393

We went to the vet who was very impressed with all of us. Back home again we played in the garden.
110708-dinas-hvalpe_017 110708-dinas-hvalpe_019
110708-dinas-hvalpe_011 110708-dinas-hvalpe_014
110708-dinas-hvalpe_004 110708-dinas-hvalpe_007
110708-dinas-hvalpe_003 110708-dinas-hvalpe_002

7 weeks old and the photographer ment we should pose for the camera - it was very hard to stand still - it was much more fun to play with Ida and Martin
070708-dinas-hvalpe-sort-staa_043 070708-dinas-hvalpe-lilla-staa_032
Windwood's Flower Of The West
Windwood's Pride Of The Summer
070708-dinas-hvalpe-rod-staa_039 070708-dinas-hvalpe-gul-staa_038
Windwood's Heart Of Olden Glory
Windwood's May Morning
070708-dinas-hvalpe-sort-h-staa_047 070708-dinas-hvalpe-gron-staa_053
Windwood's Always The Winner
Windwood's Once In A Lifetime
Windwood's Loch Lomond

Martin, Ida and Laila came to play with us today
070708-dinas-hvalpe-born-2_007 070708-dinas-hvalpe-born-1_014
070708-dinas-hvalpe-born-5_004 070708-dinas-hvalpe-born-2_007

We went for a drive in the car and ended up by the water. Very nice on a hot day. Thanks to the De Lux'es for support. Most of our new families have been visiting us. In a short time we will be all over Europe.
030708-dinas-hvalpe_029 030708-dinas-hvalpe_048
030708-dinas-hvalpe_041 030708-dinas-hvalpe_037
030708-dinas-hvalpe_033 030708-dinas-hvalpe-023
030708-dinas-hvalpe_050 030708-dinas-hvalpe_020
030708-dinas-hvalpe_014 030708-dinas-hvalpe_017

Well 6 weeks old and our human beings call us "piranjas" - whatever that is - we are soooo sweet..
010708-dinas-hvalpe_040 010708-dinas-hvalpe_060
010708-dinas-hvalpe_053 010708-dinas-hvalpe_056
010708-dinas-hvalpe_021 010708-dinas-hvalpe_043
010708-dinas-hvalpe_008 010708-dinas-hvalpe_038

A couple of photos taken on a nice day where the peole from Norway is visiting us - thanks to Niels Meyer for taking pictures.
290608-DSC_0145 290608-DSC_0093
290608-DSC_0110 290608-DSC_0136
290608-DSC_0126 290608-DSC_0106
290608-DSC_0095 290608-DSC_0139
290608-DSC_0116 290608-DSC_0094

We had a busy day. First we got a larger play ground with lots of toys. Then we went by car to a lake where we met the water for the first time (thanks to Helle, Andre and Zenia for assistance) and in the evening we had a meeting with a rabbit - now we are soooo tired.
260608-dinas-hvalpe_001 260608-dinas-hvalpe_013
260608-dinas-hvalpe_014 260608-dinas-hvalpe_004
260608-dinas-hvalpe_018 260608-dinas-hvalpe_012
260608-dinas-hvalpe_073 260608-dinas-hvalpe-2_006
260608-dinas-hvalpe-2_003 260608-dinas-hvalpe-2_004
260608-dinas-hvalpe-2_001 260608-dinas-hvalpe-2_002

5 weeks old
230608-dinas-hvalpe_051 230608-dinas-hvalpe-013
230608-dinas-hvalpe_016 230608-dinas-hvalpe_044
230608-dinas-hvalpe_028 230608-dinas-hvalpe_032
230608-dinas-hvalpe_015 230608-dinas-hvalpe_027
230608-dinas-hvalpe_007 230608-dinas-hvalpe_008
230608-dinas-hvalpe_001 230608-dinas-hvalpe_006

220608-dinas-hvalpe_022 220608-dinas-hvalpe_030
220608-dinas-hvalpe_012 220608-dinas-hvalpe_011

here we are
  Green dog
190608-dinas-hvalpe-hoveder-2-blaa_010 190608-dinas-hvalpe-hoveder-4-sort-han_002
Blue dog black dog
190608-dinas-hvalpe-hoveder-gul_018 190608-dinas-hvalpe-hoveder-2lilla_015
yellow bitch Purpel bitch
190608-dinas-hvalpe-hoveder-bettemus_006 190608-dinas-hvalpe-hoveder-rod_020
black bitch Red bitch

4 weeks old
170608-dinas-hvalpe_020 170608-dinas-hvalpe_025
170608-dinas-hvalpe_016 170608-dinas-hvalpe_018
170608-dinas-hvalpe_003 170608-dinas-hvalpe_011

160608-dinas-hvalpe_037 160608-dinas-hvalpe_043
160608-dinas-hvalpe_014 160608-dinas-hvalpe_022
160608-dinas-hvalpe_001 160608-dinas-hvalpe_006

110608-dinas-hvalpe_035 120608-dinas-hvalpe_042
120608-dinas-hvalpe_022 110608-dinas-hvalpe_033
120608-dinas-hvalpe_020 110608-dinas-hvalpe_025
110608-dinas-hvalpe_008 120608-dinas-hvalpe_014

3 weeks old. we have moved into the puppies room where we can run around and play all over the place. We have got our teeth and have started to eat a little by ourselves. 
110608-dinas-hvalpe_034 110608-dinas-hvalpe_036
110608-dinas-hvalpe_020 110608-dinas-hvalpe_026
110608-dinas-hvalpe_014 110608-dinas-hvalpe_017
110608-dinas-hvalpe_002 110608-dinas-hvalpe_012

Some close-up's
090608-dinas-hvalpe_018 090608-dinas-hvalpe_013
090608-dinas-hvalpe_002 090608-dinas-hvalpe_011

Now we can drink out of a bowl
080608-dinas-hvalpe_010 080608-dinas-hvalpe_012
080608-dinas-hvalpe_003 080608-dinas-hvalpe_008

Today we tried to be outside the house for the first time. We have now got our names after the fantastic folk/rockband Runrig's song titles.
The girls names are: Windwood's Maymorning, Pride of the Summer, Flower of the West, Hearts of Olden Glory. The boys: Windwood's Loch Lomond, Always the Winner and Once in a Lifetime    
050608-dinas-hvalpe_040 050608-dinas-hvalpe_032
050608-dinas-hvalpe_026 050608-dinas-hvalpe_028
050608-dinas-hvalpe_009 050608-dinas-hvalpe_016

See how clever we are only 15 days old
040608-dinas-hvalpe_024 040608-dinas-hvalpe_030
040608-dinas-hvalpe_002 040608-dinas-hvalpe_005

We have opened our tiny eyes a little and is trying to stand on our feet
310508-dinas-hvalpe_015 310508-dinas-hvalpe_020
310508-dinas-hvalpe_012 310508-dinas-hvalpe_021
310508-dinas-hvalpe_010 310508-dinas-hvalpe_011
310508-dinas-hvalpe_003 310508-dinas-hvalpe_007

so cosy
290508-dinas-hvalpe_012 290508-dinas-hvalpe_009
290508-dinas-hvalpe_006 290508-dinas-hvalpe_004

1 week old
270508-dinas-hvalpe_004 270508-dinas-hvalpe_005


250508-dinas-hvalpe_001 250508-dinas-hvalpe_006

We eat, sleep and are having a great time with our lovely mummy Dina
240508-dina-hvalpe_002 240508-dina-hvalpe_001
240508-dina-hvalpe_003 240508-dina-hvalpe_008

Day 4
230508-dina-hvalpe_013 230508-dina-hvalpe_009
230508-dina-hvalpe_004 230508-dina-hvalpe_008

Day 3
220508-dinas-hvalpe_003 220508-dinas-hvalpe_007

Day 2
210508-dinas-hvalpe_001 210508-dinas-hvalpe_002

20/05-08 The newborn litter
200508-dinas-foedsel-2_007 200508-dinas-foedsel_008

18/05-08 well now it's about time............
180508-dinas-mave_003 180508-dinas-mave_006

020408-dina-planl clyde-1144
Foglmann's Dina
HD: B  EE: 0  eyes: free
Clockburn Clooneen
HD: B   EE: 0   eyes:  free

Puppies pedigree:

Clockburn Clooneen
FTW Greenfoot Rum Greenfoot Barra
Rakelands Smokey
FTW Clockburn Commotion Drumtochty Viking
Ballochruin Aster
Foglmann's Dina Sungold Fonzy Fast Foot Sungold Lucky Wuk
Ambertrail's Happy Heatleader
Joe's My Little Pony Cawood Mr. Postmann
Joe's Fancy Kvickly
Any questions? Give us a call +45 20 83 45 23