"The Runrig litter" born may 2008
We have received many super lovely letters/mails from the  puppies new families, who all are very happy and excited. Thanks for letting us follow the puppies new lives so close.

Diba in Norway with her "baby sister"
 flying Nala

020409-Diba_ut_etter_dummy 020409-Diba_paa_vei_inn
In Norway they have flying dogs -just take a look at  Diba retrieving a dummy....

Diba (Norway) december 08

25/12-2008 Diba
25/12-2008 Nala

Rossi before x-mas 2008 with Erika and Morten

Dinas litter is now 6 month old and we've got new photos and informations:
From Austria Brigitte tells that Fenja weigh 17 kg and is 48 cm high and the training goes well
191108-fenja-3 191108-fenja-2
Fenja from Austria Windwood's Flower Of The  West (black bitch)

From Norway it sounds that Diba weigh 18,5 kg and es 53 cm. Diba is a quick learner and so lovely
191108-diba-1 191108-diba-2
Diba from Norway  Windwood's May Morning (yellow bitch)

In Germany Summer is now 47 cm and weigh 17,4 kg - Summer is also trained in retrieving and obedience
191108-summer-2 191108-Summer-3-1
Summer from Germany Windwood's Pride Of The Summer (pink bitch)

Nala weigh 20,1 kg.  She is (as her sisters and brothers) very glad and lively and is doing very well at training.
191108-nala-1 191108-nala-3
Nala from Bornholm Windwood's Heart Of Olden Glory (red bitch)

Lomond weigh 23,5 kg and is 54 cm - he is a real teenager and is now participating in obedience training
171108-skovtur-lomomd-hoved 171108-skovtur_010-lomond-1
our own Lomond Windwood's Loch Lomond (blue dog)

Rossi   is just fine - he weighs  23 kg. At a test after puppy training Rossi became 2nd best. His owners computer broke down so they will send photos a.s.a.p.
251108-rossi-5 251108-rossi-2
Rossi from Skjern Windwood's Once In A Lifetime (green dog)

09/10-08 Diba in the Norwegian mountains

310808-stihl-007 310808-stihl-026
Stihl stayed with us for a couple of days so he and Lomond (to the left) played and played......

310808-summer-1 310808-summer-2
31/08-08 Summer (and Daisy) in Germany

250808-rossi-1 250808-rossi-2
25/08-08 Rossi 25/08-08 Rossi



22/08-08 Nala, Bornholm 17/08-08 Summer, Germany

140808-Diba-norge 140808-fenja-ostrig
14/08-08 Diba, Norway 14/08-08 Fenja, Austria

060808-nala-bornholm 060808-summer-tyskland
06/08-08 Nala on Bornholm 06/08-08 Summer in Germany

060808-diba-norge 060808-fenja-ostrig-1
06/08-08 Diba in Norway 06/08-08 Fenja in Austria

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