On the 6th August Chilli got 6 lovely creme coulored puppies - 3 bitches and 3 sires.
Both Chilli and the puppies are fine.
Murphy has left home and moved in with a lovely family in Ålborg. Now all our puppies live with selected people in good homes and we can look back on a time with lots of fun and adventures.

Murphy-3 Murphy-2
Murphy-1 So now "Murphy" is the last puppy. Murphy is lovely, lively very handsom and easy learner.
He is enjoying all the attention he get from both
the 2 and the 4-leged family. He is looking
for a nice family, who besides loving him, will
train him and take him to the shows. This
pictures was taken on the 13.10.01
spacer_300 spacer_300

orange0410 blaa0410
Windwood's Olympic Bunfire Windwood's Olympic Gold
Most of our lovely puppies has now left home.These 2 sweat boys is
now waiting for a real nice family who will give one of them a good home.
Here 4 of the 6 puppies - bitches on top
OL-sensation OL-symphonie
OL-star Ol-gold

2609-1 2609-2
2609-3 2609-4

1909-1 1909-2
1909-3 1909-4

Just another day filled
with fun, caring for and
lots of new adventures!
1609-4 1609-3 1609-5

The puppies are getting
more and more curious
and brave. They are simply
playing all day long and
do not need so much sleep
anymore. To weeks more
and 4 of them is leaving,
good how I'll miss them.
1409-03 1409-04 1409-05

  5 weeks old  
10-09-01 On the 10th Sep-tember the puppies for the first time had contact with a dove. They all were very interested. That is very promising we think. 10-09-02
10-09-03 10-09-04 10-09-05
10-09-06 10-09-07 10-09-08

There are lots of ways to sleep - here is 2 of them
06-09-1 06-09-2

4 weeks old
05-09-1 05-09-2
05-09-3 05-09-4
05-09-5 05-09-6
The puppies are now developing individualities
Day 25-30
02-09-ida-2 02-09-ida
The puppies are growing very fast now getting "real" food. This weekend our granddaughter Ida visited the puppies (most) and us.
Day 21-24
29-8-1 29-8-2
29-8-3 29-8-4
29-8-5 29-8-6

Day 17-20

The puppies climb out of
their box and love to
play wih Jeffrey.
They have now been out in
the garden for the first time.
hv-2608-2 hv-2608-3
hv-2608-4 hv-2608-5

Day 11-16
22-8-1 The puppies are getting very
lively and curious and they
just love to be taken up and
cuddled with.
22-8-5 22-8-3
22-8-4 22-8-2

Day 4-10
10-8-05 15-8-03
Now there is changes nearly every day, nose and pads are getting black and the puppies try to
stand on their legs. Chilli is a perfect mum.
"uncle" Jeffrey is very interested and spend hours looking at the puppies.
10-8-04 10-8-01_

Day 3
hygge storvask morogbarn
Relaxing Cleaning Very close

Day 1
Dinner time
  feeling good

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