All the puppies from this litter have moved in with their new
families and we wish them a long and happy life together!
On the 28th April chilli got a fine litter. Both mum and babies are just fine!
04.07.04 - Funny time in the playhouse legehus-4
legehus-2 legehus-1

01/07-04 - Nanna, Walther and Boss
24/06-04 - We have been driving in the car and have visited
the vet, who said we were so fine and very healthy!
koretur hos-dyrlaegem

18.06.04 200604-1
c-180604-1 c-180604-2
Playing in a carton Soooo sleepy
c-180604-3 c-180604-4
hey don't take my shoes A part of the mental test

15.06.04 - We are nearly 7 weeks old and know how to have fun c-140604-2
  Vi er da så nuttede
c-140604-3 c-140604-1
c-140604-5 c-140604-6

10.06.04 - Today we have played with Jeffrey, Jeannie, Ronja and mum of course
c-1006-1 c-1006-2
c-1006-3 c-1006-4
c-1006-5 c-1006-6

07.06.04 - having fun
070604-4 070604-3
070604-1 070604-2

04.06.04 - I wanne get out of here,,, and so she did
080604-2 040504-2
040504-1 080604-1

02.06.04 - we had so much fun today and got really really tired
c-020604-1 c-020604-4
c-020604-3 c-020604-2

01.06.04 - This weekend Emma and Camilla came to visit their
new puppy - they hardly can wait till he is old enough
010604-1 010604-2
010604-3 010604-4

30.05.04 - playtime
300504-a 300504-b
300504-c 300504-d

29.05.04 - just another sunny day
birger amme

270504-3 27.05.04 - today we enjoyed our lunch outdoors for the first time and concecrated our playground in the garden!
270504-2 270504-1

24.05.04 - we have moved to a
room with lots of room to play.
240504-2 240504-3

20.05.04 - just so cute
200504-putte 200504-spise

17.05.04 - we've got our first teath and has started to play around!
c-170504-1 c-170504-2

16.05.04 - 18 days old and a more and more interested in the sur-roundings c-150504-3
c-150504-2 c-150504-1

14.05.04 - to the left the 3 boys and to the right the 5 sleepy girls
1405-drengene 1405-pigerne

13.05.04 - we train our legs and balance a lot and can hear a little bit.
c-130504-1 c-130504-2
c-130504-3 c-130504-4

10.05.04 - hey we could use a little more room here
ch-100504-1 ch-100504-2

08.05.04 - Today we opened our eyes and are trying to walk around
Ida and Martin was here to see grandma's pups and they just couldn't get enough of us.
ch-ida-martin-1 ch-ida-martin-2

05.05.04 - We are now 1 week old and have redoubled our weight

03.05.04...vennerne på barselsvisit
barselsvisit-2 barselsvisit-3

010504-3 010504-2

300404-1 300404-2

28.04.04: the proud mummy

The parents:
chilli-planl-04-2 oliver-maj04-250
Gembæk's Music Sensation
SVU.CH Gembæk's Smoke On The Water (Oliver)

Puppies pedigree:

SVU.CH Gembæk's Smoke On The Water Nordic Winner 99
NCH Kulawand
Rainbow Man
GBCH Nortonwood Silvanus
GBCH Kulawand Krystal
Inassicas Stand by Me SV-97 Marjamez Masterpiece
Inassicas Stephanie
Gembæk's Music Sensation DKCH
Tallygold Knight and Day
Friendship Classic Tattoo
Tallygold Blonde is Beautiful
Gembæks Joy of Music
KBHV87 KISG89 KBHV90 Mathew
Goldsand's Sonnet of Music

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