Here is one of the last pictures of Chilli and Toto's puppies
who have "invaded" their new homes and we wish all of them good luck

Fun in the garden on a sunny day!
c-120505-5 c-120505-6
c-120505-3 c-120505-2
c-120505-1 c-120505-4

08.05.2005 Another day full of adventures
c-080505-6 c-080505-5
2-0 2-0 to the 4-leged I'm on the top of the world
c-080505-4 c-080505-3
mr duckly (poor) mr duckly again
c-080505-2 c-080505-7
Ain't she lovely Hide and seek

06. maj 2005 7 weeks old and every day is one big party c-060505-2
c-060505-4 c-060505-5
c-060505-3 c-060506-1

30. april 2005 Today Ida and Martin and their little dog Charlie (cocker spaniel 11 weeks old) visitid us (and their granparents Jytte & Birger) and we had such a great time.
c-300405-6 c-300405-4
c-300405-5 c-300405-3
c-300405-7 c-300405-1

27.04.05 This evening we invaded the living room and played with mum Chilli c-270405-1
c-270405-2 c-270405-3
c-270405-4 c-270405-5

26.04.05 The puppies are really funny now when they are nearly 6 weeks old
c-260405-3 c-260405-2
How do you look early in the morning? Retrieving/flying
c-260405-1 c-260405-4
Now I'll show you how to get out of here I'll kill that horse
c-260405-5 c-260405-6
Brother and sister playing Jack (9 month old) cleans us up everytime
we have eaten

21.04.05 We have got a big playground
which we enjoy very much - to the right
we are trying to find out how a fasan smells
j-220405-2 j-210405-5
j-210405-3 j-210405-4
j-210405-1 j-210405-2

17.04.05 -We have enjoyed the sunny weather this weekend and have been outside playing. Aunt Jeannie says hello
c-170405-3 c-170405-4
c-170405-2 c-170405-1

14.04.05 - Now we are 4 weeks old and look how nice we eat.We just love to have company, are very curious and enjoy playing all day long.
And we have got our names by now. Jytte and Birger think that the "cocktail" Chilli/Toto is so good that we are named after delicious drinks. The boys are called Windwood's Caribian Blues, Acapulco Twister, Alabama Riot, Singapore Sling and Kentucky Colonel. The girls names are Windwood's Georgia Peach, Malibu Dreams and Hawaian Sunrise.
150405-3 150405-4
150405-1 150405-2

11.04.05 Today we moved in to the "kindergarden" where we have lots of space
110405-3 110405-4
Jack says hello We are having fun
110405-1 110405-2
look out horsy here I come ZZzzzzzz

08.04.05 We are training table manners, but it's not so easy as it seams.......we've got some toys to play with and the orange horse is so nice to nestle against 090405-2
080405-1 080405-3

06.04.05 20 days old and have started to play with each other. We've tasted real dog food and are very curious on life outside the box.
060405-3 060405-4
060405-1 060405-2

030405-3 030405-4
Cosy corner Life is great
030405-1 030405-2
Give me five I can howl like a wolf

01.04.05 we are getting a little more lively and can hear sounds
010405-1 010405-2

30.03.05 Tomorrow we will be two weeks old
30-03-05-1 30-03-05-3
30-03-05-2 30-03-05-4

27.03.05 10 days old and open their eyes a little
270305-2 270305-3

24.03.05 Now we are one week old (the spots are made to tell them apart)
240305-1 240305-2

220305-1 220305-2

19-03-05-1 19-03-05-2
dinner time a nap real close to mum

17.03.05 Chilli has got a fine litter - 5 boys and 4 girls - both mum and babies are just fine. Unfortunately one of the bitches was not ready to join the world - she is now in dogs heaven. 18-03-05-2

Gembæks' Music Sensation has been mated to DK.CH Toto of Graceful Delight
Chilli-planl2005 tot_hvalpe

Puppies pedigree:

Toto Of Graceful Delight
WW00, EU-winner 00,Int/Fin/Pol_CH,
Lorinford Harlequin
GB.SHCH Lorinford Lancelot
Lorinford Lovestory
Dt.CH Kerrin Of Graceful Deligth Friendship Classic Tattoo
DtDHCH Shadowfax Amazing Grace
Gembæk's Music Sensation DKCH Tallygold Knight and Day Friendship Classic Tattoo
Tallygold Blonde is Beautiful
DKCH Gembæks Joy of Music KBHV87 KISG89 KBHV90 Mathew
Goldsand's Sonnet of Music
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