On the 25th September Jeannie got a fine litter - 3 girls and 3 boys.
Both Jeannie and the small "Amigos" are just fine.

21/11-05....The puppies and their new families
babbit-gilleleje sophy-struer
peabody-stoevring-2 magoo-odense
marple-pindstrup tweety-harboere

8 weeks old and retrieving perfectly: Miss Sophy left and Mr Babbit to the right
211105-sophy-app2 211105-babbit-app1

We are now 7½ weeks old and got our names
MissTweety MrPeabody
MissSophy mrBabbit
MrMagoo MissMarple

09/11-05 - playing in the yard
091105-DSCN3300 091105-DSCN3298
091105-1 091105-DSCN3299

06/11-05 6 weeks old
081105-DSCN3296 081105-DSCN3295
081105-DSCN3293 081105-DSCN3292
0611-161005-megan 0611-DSCN3285
0611-DSCN3287 0611-DSCN3282

04/11-05 Here some shots from last night
051105-DSCN3261 051105-DSCN3266
Hey it's football in the telly wonder what's in here
051105-DSCN3266 051105-Untitled-2
what are you doing with that camera taking a look around
051105-Untitled-1 051105-DSCN3265
I'm a little tired Birger asked for it
041105-DSCN3258 051105-DSCN3253
fringes - yeah uhm this tastes good

03/11-05 - 5½ week old
0311-DSCN3251 0311-DSCN3235
0311-DSCN3243 0311-DSCN3247
0311-DSCN3237 0311-DSCN3239
0311-DSCN3224 0311-DSCN3231

We are here playing with mum, granny Chilli (laying on her back) and aunt Ronja.
3110-DSCN3212 3110-DSCN3215
3110-DSCN3211 3110-DSCN3208

Today we are 5 weeks old. We have been outside playing in the yard. We were introduced to something they called a duck and we all liked the smell/taste. Oh and then we've got our names: the girls names are Windwood's Miss Sophy, Miss Marple and Miss Tweety. The boys names are Windwood's Mr. Babbit, Mr Magoo and Mr Peabody
3010-DSCN3174 3010-DSCN3178
3010-DSCN3186 3010-DSCN3192
3010-DSCN3193 3010-DSCN3199

271005-DSCN3169 271005-DSCN3166
271005-DSCN3158 271005-DSCN3171

24/10-05 - now we are 4 weeks old
241005-5 241005-3
241005-1 241005-4

211005-1 211005-2
211005-3 211005-4

181005-5 181005-6
sister and brother we moved out of the "puppy box"
181005-3 181005-4
a bounch takin' a nap Food mmmmm
181005-1 181005-2
Zzzzzzzz Don't I look great

3 weeks old, we have tasted real dog food and have been dewormed for the first time
171005-DSCN3088 171005-DSCN3084

15/10-05 nearly 3 weeks old and full of fun
151005-DSCN3070 151005-DSCN3083
151005-2 151005-3

111005-DSCN3056 111005-DSCN3048
111005-DSCN3045 111005-DSCN3039
111005--DSCN3065 111005--DSCN3062
111005--DSCN3060 111005--DSCN3055

Now we all have opened our eyes, we can hear a little and are trying til walk around.
101005-DSCN3033 101005-DSCN3032

we have opened our eyes a little and begin to stand on our small feets
but must of the time we just relax
071005-DSCN3013 071005-DSCN3018

041005-1 041005-2

03/10-05 here we are 1 week old 031005-3
031005 031005-2
pigerne-0310 drengene-0310
the girls the boys

Dag 4 - relaxing dag-4-1
dag-4-2 dag-4-3

Dag 3 - the family is taking a nap
dag3-1 dag3-2

Day 2 - Here is our 6 puppies dag-2

Day 1
DSCN2877 DSCN2878

The parents:
Jeannie-140505-3 bella-amigo
Windwood's Billyjean Ørnhøj's Bella Amigo
We expect the puppies after this combination to be nice family dogs, with a good temper
and lots of will-to-please as well as good working and hunting abilities.

Puppies pedigree:

Ørnhøj's Bella Amigo

Joe's Wuk DK BRCH Mike
Ørnhøj's Arabella DKCH Goldsand´s Dream Conqueror
LP1 LP2 Shadowfax Bianca Blue

Windwood's Billyjean

Respons Specialist-Ten
SUCHAmirene Larus
SUCH Respons Quiche-Ten
Gembæk's Music Sensation DKCH Tallygold Knight and Day
DKCH Gembæk's Joy Of Music
Any questions? Give us a call +45 20 83 45 23