Windwood's BillyJean & Vassruggens Naver Jarlskald have got twins 17/07-07
meet Windwood's Mr Rock 'n Roll and Mr Rhytm 'n Blues


16/09-07 -Ricky
160907-ricky-1 160907-ricky-2

120907-Basse 120907-Ricky
Basse Ricky

The twins have moved in with their new families
We wish you a life long friendship with a lot of fun and happiness
110907-basse 110907-ricky
Windwood's Mr Rock n Roll (Basse) lives in Engesvang with Benny and his sweet wife Windwood's Mr Rhythm n Blues (Ricky) lives in
Bramstedtlund with Rita and Claus

09/09-07 A trip to the beach at Rømø
090907-DSC_0004 090907-DSC_0023
090907-DSC_0010 090907-DSC_0012
090907-DSC_0015 090907-DSC_0017
090907-DSC_0022 090907-DSC_0020

Health check by the vet. Mum Jeannie went with us, but we were not afraid at all. Of course we were super fit and everything OK.
Home again we were tired and took a long nap..
060907-DSC_0043 060907-DSC_0045
060907-DSC_0047 060907-DSC_0041

04/09-07 salready 7 weeks old 310807-fors3-DSC_0017
040807-rock-n-roll-7uger 040907-rhythm-n-blues-7uger
Mr. Rock 'n Roll Mr. Rhythm 'n Blues
040907-hvalp-vand 040907-hvalp-blomst
Jeg kan fange vandet på min tunge Her i blomsterne finder de mig aldrig
040907-legetante-1 040907-legetante2
Dina is a super nanny

31/08-07 6 weeks old.....
310807-DSC_0022 310807-fors2-DSC_0015
310807-DSC_0042 310807-DSC_0044
310807-DSC_0031 310807-DSC_0032
310807-DSC_0007 310807-DSC_0021

260807-DSC_0014 260807-DSC_0052
260807-DSC_0005 260807-DSC_0011
260807-DSC_0004 260807-DSC_0030

21/08-07 today we are 5 weeks old
210807-hvalpe07-026 210807-hvalpe07-031
210807-hvalpe07-015 210807-hvalpe07-018
210807-hvalpe07-008 210807-hvalpe07-012

18/08-07 180807-DSC_0023
180807-DSC_0020 180807-DSC_0002
180807-DSC_0003 180807-DSC_0005

16/08-07 so sweet and funny...... 160807-DSC_0026
160807-DSC_0006 160807-DSC_0004
160807-DSC_0022 160807-DSC_0012

12/08-07 we enjoy playing outside........ 120807-DSC_0016
120807-DSC_0006 120807-DSC_0023
120807-1 120807-DSC_0007

09/08-07 3½ week old playing outside 0908-DSC_0011
0908-DSC_0016a 0908-DSC_0017
0908-DSC_0004 0908-DSC_0001

05/08-07 050807-DSC_0003
050807-DSC_0008 050807-DSC_0002
050807-DSC_0001 050807-DSC_0007

02/08-07 Now we try to walk around and play with each other
020807-forside-DSC_0023 020807-DSC_0015
020807-DSC_0016 020807-DSC_0013
020807-DSC_0010 020807-DSC_0005

30/07-07 13 days old
300707-DSC_0006 300707-DSC_0002
300707-DSC_0004 300707-DSC_0007
300707-DSC_0007 300707-DSC_0008

27/07-07 10 days old and have opened their tiny eyes
270707-1 270707-2

24/07-07 1 week old
240707-DSC_0029 240707-DSC_0025
240707-DSC_0024 240707-DSC_0028
240707-DSC_0021 240707-DSC_0027

21/07-07 Day 5

19/07-07 Day 3
dag3-4 dag3-3
dag3-1 dag3-2

17.07.07 Jeannie harfået tvillinger: 2 store dejlige drenge, som Jeannie er meget stolt af
jeannie-1 jeannie-2

021004-jeannie-3 290407-Jimbo005e
Hips: A - EE:0 - Eyes: Free
Hips: A - EE:0 - Eyes: Free

Puppies pedigree:
Vassruggens Naver Jarlskald
Joe's Jeff Golden Game Larry
DK.Br.J.CH.S.J.CH. Spica
Vassruggens Indra Gifmildu Høghedens Kapris
Knegarens Kooreelah
Windwood’s BillyJean
Respons Specialist-Ten
SUCH Amirene Larus
SUCH Respons Quiche-Ten
Gembæk's Music Sensation DKCH Tallygold Knight and Day
DKCH Gembæk's Joy Of Music
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