10/05-08 photos from the boys new homes

260408-hvalpene-J-054 260408-hvalpene-J-059
Jack with dove
260408-hvalpene-B-066 260408-hvalpene-B-069
Brichki with dove
260408-hvalpene-038 260408-hvalpene-044
wonder if it's deep enough
260408-hvalpene-033 260408-hvalpene-036
playing with mum

We have been driving in the car and visited the vet, who said that we are super fine boys.
240408-hvalpene-011 240408-hvalpene-laban-008
Ready to go Laban
240408-hvalpene-jack-007 240408-hvalpene-brichki-010
Jack Brichki
240408-hvalpene-003 240408-hvalpene-025
Well home again

just another happy day
220408-hvalpene-035 220408-hvalpene-048
220408-hvalpene-021 220408-hvalpene-032
220408-hvalpene-009 220408-hvalpene-020
220408-hvalpene-006 220408-hvalpene-015
220408-hvalpene-002 220408-hvalpene-005

200408-hvalpene-staa-jack-010 200408-hvalpene-staa-jack-006
Windwood's Porthos - Jack
200408-hvalpene-staa-laban-057 200408-hvalpene-staa-laban-011
Windwood's Athos - Laban
200408-hvalpene-staa-brichki-001 200408-hvalpene-staa-brichki-030
Windwood's Aramis - Brichki

190408-hvalpene-067 190408-hvalpene-061
190408-hvalpene-044 190408-hvalpene-060
190408-hvalpene-048 190408-hvalpene-043
190408-hvalpene-018 190408-hvalpene-011
190408-hvalpene-002 190408-hvalpene-008

18/04-08....they love this wooden box
180408-hvalpe-007 180408-hvalpe-001

15/04-08...playing in the garden
150408-hvalpene-024 150408-hvalpene-008
150408-hvalpene-011 150408-hvalpene-020
150408-hvalpene-003 150408-hvalpene-025

Tryed to make som portraits of the
  This is Aramis (green) he is going to live with Hanne in Rønde and nickname is Brichki
140408-blaa-3 140408-sort
Here is Porthos (blue)who will live with  Julie and Josephine in Gentofte name Jack And least but not last Athos (black) who is going to stay with Tove andFinn in Vojens and his name will be Laban
140408-hvalpene-044 130408-hvalpene-009-forside
140408-hvalpene-023 140408-hvalpene-027
140408-hvalpene-001 140408-hvalpene-019

hvalpene-041 hvalpene-017
130408-hvalpene-052 130408-hvalpene-059
130408-hvalpene-038 130408-hvalpene-042
130408-hvalpene-023 130408-hvalpene-031
130408-hvalpene-003 130408-hvalpene-006

090408-hvalpe-og-drivhus-027 090408-hvalpe-og-drivhus-037
090408-hvalpe-og-drivhus-046 090408-hvalpe-og-drivhus-025
090408-hvalpe-og-drivhus-026 090408-hvalpe-og-drivhus-033
090408-hvalpe-og-drivhus-018 090408-hvalpe-og-drivhus-057

now we've got our own playground outside - it's so funny......
legepladsen-024 legepladsen-032
legepladsen-013 legepladsen-022
legepladsen-009 legepladsen-012

05/04-08 Ida & Martin on a visit Jeannie-hvalpe-Ida-og-Martin-003
Jeannie-hvalpe-Ida-og-Martin-005 Jeannie-hvalpe-Ida-og-Martin-008

02/04-08 en simpel papkasse kan gøre stor lykke....
020408-J-hvalpe-08-010 020408-J-hvalpe-08-004
020408-J-hvalpe-08-004 020408-J-hvalpe-08-010

01/04-08 010408-jeannie-hvalpe-035
010408-jeannie-hvalpe-019 010408-jeannie-hvalpe-015
010408-jeannie-hvalpe-006 010408-jeannie-hvalpe-025

30/03-08 we moved out into the puppy-room and have lots of space to play
300308-Jeannie-hvalpe-005 300308-Jeannie-hvalpe-007
300308-Jeannie-hvalpe-002 300308-Jeannie-hvalpe-005

23/03-08 there are many ways to sleep
Ida plays with the puppies
230308-DSC_0007 230308-DSC_0010

200308-fors-DSC_0003 220308-hovedDSC_0004
220308-hovedDSC_0005 220308-hovedDSC_0008
220308-DSC_0009 220308-DSC_0017
220308-DSC_0012 220308-DSC_0015

20/03-08 200308-DSC_0009
200308-DSC_0001 200308-DSC_0005

17/03-08 starting to play a little 1703-fors-DSC_0002
1703-DSC_0011 1703-DSC_0019
1703-DSC_0005 1703-DSC_0007

170308-DSC_0004 170308-DSC_0008

15/03-08 A new dimension in life..... today we can hear sounds....
150308-DSC_0004 150308-DSC_0006

14/03-08 We have opened our eyes a little and try to walk on our feets
140308-fors-DSC_0001 140308-DSC_0013
140308-DSC_0005 140308-DSC_0006

Here we are 8 days old
040308-forsDSC_0021 100308-DSC_0012
100308-DSC_0005 100308-DSC_0017

07/03-08 5 days old 070308-DSC_0009
070308-DSC_0007 070308-DSC_0003

Day 3, we are named after the 3 musketeers and our names are
Windwood's Aramis, Porthos og Athos
040308-DSC_0019 040308-DSC_0016
040308-DSC_0014 030308-fors-DSC_0006
040308-1 040308-2 040308-3

Day 2 030308-DSC_0011
030308-DSC_0002 020308-DSC_0023

On the 2nd March Jeannie got 3 lovely dog puppies

Windwood's BillyJean has been mated Duckflight Autumn Breeze  
puppies expected  app. March 1, 2008 ready to leave May 1 2008

planl-08-breeze planl-08-jeannie
"Breeze" "Jeannie"
Hips: A AA: 0 Eyes: free Hips: A AA: 0 Eyes: free

We expect a charming litter with lots of will-to-please + hunting- and working abilities
see more about Jeannie and Breeze.
Puppies pedigree:
Duckflight Autumn Breeze FT.W Holway Banjo Eng. FT. CH. Ashsham Counsel
Holway Evita
Gleen Mhor's Swift
Romney's Inchmichael
Endrickbank Charmer
Windwood's BillyJean SJCH SUCH DK.CH
Respons Specialist-Ten
SUCH Amirene Larus
SUCH Respons Quiche-Ten
Gembæk's Music Sensation DKCH Tallygold Knightand Day
DKCH Gembæk's Joy Of Music

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